#tbt 2000 “Love or Lust”

by negativenancie

Love vs Lust is a difficult thing for most people to differeciate between. Basically, a lot of relationships I have been in, I always have thought that I really cared about the person, but there are certain things that I would do to show them “I love them” but I wouldn’t consider doing anything for anyone that was crazy, unless I really felt I truly loved them. From what I have seen, such as my parents or other people, I think often to myself is this four-lettered word just a word? Or, does it really mean and symbolize something more? It’s difficult to tell because luckily I am not in either one of these situations. There are a lot of people that lust after people or are infatuated with another person for what they look like. A lot of people say, “she’s cute” or “he’s cute” but I think when someone says, “I like him/her” it means more. A person’s personality can change what you think or feel about them. I mean a lot of people think I’m crazy & outgoing, but that’s who I show because it makes people laugh. Different people can have different opinions on that & that may change how they feel whether it’s love, lust or just friendship.